Root Canal Procedure



1.  The tooth may be sensitive after appointment(s) and even remain tender for a period of time after treatment has been finished.  If sensitivity persists and does not seem to be getting better it is your responsibility to let the doctor know.



2.  If you were on antibiotics prior to the root canal treatment you will need to finish your remaining pills.



3.  Dr. Manlove does not routinely give a prescription for pain medicine for root canals.  If you were not prescribed anything then she recommends taking 1000mg Extra Strength Tylenol plus 600mg Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) at the same time every 6 (six) hours as needed for pain relief.



4.  It is not uncommon to feel sensitive to “biting” or putting pressure on the treated tooth for several days.  This should gradually fade away.  If it does not, let the office know. 



5.  Eat and drink what you feel like having as soon as the numbness from the anesthesia wears off.  Drink lots of liquids if you feel you cannot eat.  Soft foods are usually best for the first two days.



6.   Teeth treated with root canals will be more brittle than other teeth and subject to cracks or fractures.  After the root canal, the tooth will be filled with a filling.  To prevent damage that might mean losing the tooth, crowning is the best treatment and should be done following root canal treatment.