Periodontal (gum) Surgery


1.  It is not uncommon to feel some discomfort after the numbness has worn off.  Take the medications prescribed to you by the doctor.  If the doctor does not prescribe you something, then she recommends 1000mg of Extra Strength Tylenol plus 600mg Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) taken at the same time every 6 hours as needed for pain relief.



2.      Bite on the gauze for half an hour.  When home, change the gauze at least once.  If the bleeding continues, bite on fresh gauze for 15 min intervals until bleeding stops.  It is normal for bleeding to continue for up to 24 hours.



3.      For the next 24 hrs. do not drink any liquids containing alcohol (whiskey, wine, beer, etc.) or use any mouthwash that contains alcohol (Listerine, scope, etc.) including peroxide.  Do, however, begin rinsing with “Therasol” or “Peridex” antiseptic mouthwash twice a day starting the day after surgery.  (These mouthwashes are by prescription only or from our office.  If you did not receive a bottle before leaving, please call our office immediately.)



4.      Swelling is not unusual in oral surgery and need not cause alarm.  To help control the swelling, place an ice pack wrapped in a towel in 15 min intervals for the first 24 hrs.  If swelling persists, (more than 24 hrs.) change to hot, wet packs in 15 min. intervals.  This can be accomplished by heating a wet towel in the microwave.



5.      After 24 hrs., rinse 4-5 times a day with warm salt water in addition to the mouthwash.  One teaspoon of salt to a 6 oz  glass of warm water.  Do this for 3-5 days following surgery.



6.      Eat and drink what you feel like having as soon as you like.  Drink lots of liquids if you feel you cannot eat.  Soft foods are usually best for the first two days.



7.      Keep the area clean and free of food as it heals.  After the first 24 hrs you can massage the area with a soft toothbrush.  (Do not be aggressive!)  You can also use a wet washrag to clean the area.  Do not use high pressure water picks until the sutures have come out or been removed. 



8.      Successful results are accompanied with good post operative care.  Don’t miss you follow up appointment even if you feel good.  We need to check for appropriate healing.  Also, if sutures (stitches) were placed, they may need to be taken out by the doctor.  Sutures left in over 10 days can cause infection.