Crown & Bridge Procedure


1.  You will be leaving the office today with a temporary crown or bridge.  Remember it has been cemented with a material we want to “let go” of the tooth quite easily at your next appointment.  Therefore, you will need to be careful with the temporary until your next appointment.



2.  You may eat or drink as soon as the anesthetic (numbness) wears off.  Remember to be careful with the temporary, nothing hard or sticky.



3.  It is very important that if your temporary happens to come off that you return to the office as soon as possible.  The uncovered tooth not only can be sensitive, but can also shift and then the permanent crown or bridge will not fit.  If it does not fit, it may have to be sent back to the lab to be remade at an additional charge.



4.  The tooth may be sensitive after appointment(s) and even remain tender for a period of time after treatment has been finished.  If sensitivity persists and does not seem to be getting better it is your responsibility to let the doctor know.



5.  It is not uncommon for the gingiva to be irritated after a crown procedure.  Warm salt water rinses 3 times a day will help this area heal.



6.  Dr. Manlove does not routinely give a prescription for pain medicine for crown or bridge procedures.  If you ever have any discomfort then she recommends taking 1000mg Extra Strength Tylenol plus 600mg Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) at the same time every 6 (six) hours as needed for pain relief.