Oral Surgery/Extractions Children



 1.  It is not uncommon to feel some discomfort after the numbness has worn off. Take the medications prescribed to you by the doctor.  If the doctor does not prescribe you something, she recommends Children’s Motrin or Advil as needed for pain relief. 



2.  Bite on gauze with pressure until bleeding stops.  When home, change gauze at least once.



3.  Do not rinse, swish, or vigorously wash the mouth today.



4.  Avoid acidic foods or drinks such as pizza, tomatoes, orange juice, etc. for the next 24 hours to avoid gum irritation.



5.  Eat and drink what you feel like having as soon as you like.  Drink lots of liquids.  If you feel you can not eat easily, soft foods are usually best for the first two days.



6.  Successful results are accompanied with good post operative care.  Keeping the area clean and keeping any follow up appointments you may have.