Partials - Dentures - Flipper


  • If you have had teeth extracted today, wear your partial/denture/flipper for 24 hours continuously from the time of placement by the dentist.  Do not remove before 24 hours, this may cause bleeding at extraction sites.


  • After the first 24 hrs, do not ever wear your partial/denture/flipper to bed, your tissue needs rest.  Remove partial/denture/flipper before going to bed and clean with liquid soap and toothbrush.  Do not use toothpaste, this is too abrasive. 


  • When the partial/denture/flipper is not in your mouth, it should be in a case with a small amount of water or wet paper towel.  If the partial gets too dry the acrylic can fracture.


  • You can expect to get sore spots (blisters) for the first few weeks of wear.  If this occurs, wear your partial/denture/flipper and call our office.  We will need to see you and adjust the appliance while the blisters are still present.


  • If you have had teeth extracted, after the first 24 hrs, rinse your mouth out (without the partial in mouth) with warm salt water.  Do this 3 times a day for 4 days.


  • Return to our office a week after procedure for a  post operative check up.  We will need to check your bite and your tissue at this time.  Successful results are accompanied with good post operative care.


  • If you need to come in earlier due to sore spots just give us a call.